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What is premium collagen?

Premium Collagen thanks to its unique composition and clean origin significantly supports quick regeneration of tissues, muscles and also keeping healthy bones and joints. Its exceptional content of amino-acids plays important part in these processes. Because of this Premium Collagen has been an important part of preparing for races in our team for a long time. The refreshing and balanced flavour of Premium Collagen is a giant plus.

Matej Spišiak

100% natural

150 000 mg of clean sea clinically-tested collagen

Amazing flavour

Real secret of our collagen is its amazing flavour.

18 amino-acids

Especially these support healing and regeneration in a body.


Contains type I, II and III collagen


Premium Collagen fulfils the strictest conditions and it is registered on the Public Health Office of Slovak republic

Reinforces nails, hair and teeth

Nourishment of bones and joints and also beautiful healthy skin, hair and nails.

400 times more collagen

Are you ready to do something effective for healthy skin, beautiful hair and nails? Thanks to first class quality containing 5000 mg of pure collagen in daily dose you are supplying your body with 400 times more collagen in comparison to average collagen product on the market.

Premium Collagen® - contents of collagen in the package
5000 mg
Average collagen product – contents of collagen in the package
13 mg

Amazing flavour

Whether you choose strawberry, apple, lemon or purely natural flavour, you are going to love amazingly refreshing flavour of our Premium Collagen.

Natural (no flavour)

Apple flavour

Strawberry flavour

Lemon flavour

Up to 18 amino-acids

Sea collagen is considered to be top class collagen. It is important to know that fish which are the source of our collagen live in extreme temperature, depth and pressure conditions of North Sea, so the collagen which is derived from the sin of these fish is characteristic with its unique chemical and physical resilience. Collagens of high quality contain 15 to 17 amino-acids. Premium Collagen has 17 amino-acids.

Premium Collagen® - number of amino-acids in the product
18 aminokyselín
Average collagen product – number of amino-acids in the product
6 aminokyselín

3 collagens in 1

Premium Collagen® is in comparison with other collagen-based products special also with its three-component composition. What does it mean? There is not just one type of collagen (in comparison to other collagen-based products on the market)  but three – type I, II, and III of collagen

Collagen type I

Is the strongest type of collagen in human body. It can be mostly found in skin, bones, tendons and teeth. 90% of collagen in human body is this type of collagen.

Collagen type II

Can be mostly found in cartilages, that is why it is the most important in prevention of joint-pain.

Collagen type III

Can be found in blood vessels and it helps to optimal functioning of cardiovascular system.

Suitable for the whole family

Our products are suitable for anyone. We can guarantee its quality by ourselves and also with a number of famous celebrities of Slovakia. Start using it now and see for yourself.

Matej Tóth
Matej Tóth
Olympic winner of Rio 2016
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Last week I had slight problems with muscle in the back of my thigh, so I used double dosage of Premium Collagen® for a short period of time and the hurt on the back of my thigh disappeared quickly so I could train with the full vigour again.
Zuzana Belohorcová
Zuzana Belohorcová
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Really great!!!! Great positive of Premium Collagen® is its great flavour(according to what flavour do you choose) and with regular using you will see its significant effects… My beloved parents recommended this product to me.
Ivan Buchinger
Ivan Buchinger
Czechoslovak MMA fighter
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For me it is quite crucial to keep my joints and muscles in perfect condition. Premium Collagen® is number one for me. 17 amino-acids, 5000 mg of pure collagen in one dose and perfect flavour.
Marta Sládečková
Marta Sládečková
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Premium Collagen® is marvellous thing. I can feel its effects on my hair, nails, skin and musculoskeletal system. And it tastes great!
Ján Volko
Ján Volko
Sprint recorder
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Premium Collagen® helps me with healing of my wounds from sport but I use it also as prevention for the future. I have just gotten new apple flavour which I am looking forward to very much.
Jožka Černý
Jožka Černý
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My wife and I have been using Premium Collagen® for a year. In such way I keep my joints without pain and I feel quite well.
Mária Katerinka Czaková
Mária Katerinka Czaková
Slovak Walker Fifth from the European Championship in Berlin 2018
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For me as a sportsperson it is very important to regenerate and heal quickly. I personally like the strawberry flavour the most. Ofcourse it is great for hair, nails and skin. I recommend to try it!

Safe product

Manufacturing of Premium Collagen® is based od GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in Hungary with full compliance with the standards of EU which are the strictest  in the world. Raw materials are tested in an independent laboratory and the final product is tested in another independent laboratory in Germany. Only after these strict controls is our product ready on its way to you.

Order your collagen

Are you ready to do something really effective for your health?


FLAVOUR: natural

100% fish collagen with 18 amino-acids


FLAVOUR: apple

100% fish collagen with 18 amino-acids


FLAVOUR: strawberry

100% fish collagen with 18 amino-acids


FLAVOUR: lemon

100% fish collagen with 18 amino-acids

Vitamin C

FLAVOUR: no flavour

Great supplement which helps absorbtion of the collagen and also in building immunity

How to use Premium Collagen®?

You fill a measuring spoon which is part of the packing of Premium Collagen® and put in into 200ml glass of water.

You mix it thoroughly and after complete dissolution you drink it. Vitamin C 1000 with gradual release into the body is a part of the packing. It helps with proper absorbtion of collagen and it also helps in building immunity. We recommend using Vitamin C once per day with a dose of Premium Collagen®.

Prémiový kolagén je 100 % prírodný produkt, ktorý zlepší Vašu pleť, vlasy, kĺby. Náš kolagén patrí medzi najsilnejšie kolagény na trhu a bude Vám chutiť.

Frequently asked questions

It helps with anti-aging and regeneration of bones and joints. Results of using Premium Collagen® are more beautiful and better-quality nails and hair.

One packing contains up to 150 000 mg of top-quality sea collagen.

It depends on whether you use Premium Collagen® as prevention (once per day), then there are 30 daily doses or you have serious problems and you use collagen more often (twice or three times per day), then one packing last 10 to 15 days.

Premium Collagen® is a food supplement, so it does not need to be taken on empty stomach. It is not limited, you can take in in the morning, with lunch or in the evening before you go to sleep.

Only limitation is if you are allergic to fish. In case of pregnancy, please consult your doctor.

There is measuring spoon inside the packing. You dissolve 1 measuring spoon in 200 ml of water, juice or favourite smoothie. You mix it until dissolution and then drink it. Premium Collagen® is not suitable to be put in hot drinks such as tea, coffee or hot soup.

Vitamin C 1000 is part of the packing of Premium Collagen® and you get it free with every purchase.

In the long time of making and using Premium Collagen® no side effects had been noted.

Yes, aside from strawberry, apple and lemon flavour you can order natural collagen without flavour. It is recommended also for people with diabetes.

Our collagen is hydrolysed which is the most effective form of collagen for absorbtion into the body. Thanks to this you are not limited either with age or the time of usage.

On the market there can be found many collagen-based products without clear information what type of collagen is it in the product or how much collagen is in one dose.

Prvá pomoc pre Vaše kĺby, 100 % prírodný kolagén, najsilnejší kolagén na trhu.

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